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Face and Fingerprint Access Control

• High capacity, support 1,500 face and 5,000 fingerprint capacity
• Multiple authentication method: Face / Fingerprint / Card / PIN
• Standard TCP/IP, RS485, and USB Drive used to communicate with system
• Work with software to trace and store every record
• Customizable users’ authority setting on time, place, and date of the week

NFA-750 is a biometric access control device that supports face and fingerprint recognition. It works with the software to collect, store, and manage data. The manager can edit the authority setting or employee information through software and upload the changes to the device instantly. NFA-750 delivers a better management experience to the organization by management centralization.
It has a high capacity to register a maximum of 1,500 faces and 5,000 fingerprints.


Model No.



2.8" TFT LCD


English, Chinese(T/S), Thai, Viet, Spanish, and more

Verification Modes

Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

Face Capacity

1,500 (Optional 3,000)

Fingerprint Capacity

5,000 (Optional 15,000)

Card Capacity

5,000 (Optional 15,000)

Log Capacity



TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand IN & OUT (26 & 34), USB Drive, [Optional WiFi]

Power Supply

DC 9V / 12V

Operating Temperature

0°C - 40°C

Operating Humidity

20% - 60%


205 x 95 x 48mm


EM Card 0.8mm

EM Card 0.8mm

EM Card 1.8mm

EM Card 1.8mm

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