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Our Brands

UBM today manages four brands: from NIDEKA in the South East and Middle East Asia, Timmy in China, LUCKS to focus on traditional products, and MIEKO to launch accessories of Office Automation.


NIDEKA is a brand of a subsidiary business of NEC Japan, Nippon Jimuki Co. Ltd. in 1936. Their first wooden time-recorder Model-500 is launched that year.

In 1986, UBM has taken over the technology and production know-how for the NIDEKA brand of Time-Recorders.

To meet the changing market, we have developed a wide range of high-tech time attendance products including fingerprint recognition, RFID time attendance recorders, electronic and mechanical time recorders, door access control systems, guard touring management systems on iButton(R) technology, electronic time stamps, paper shredders.

model 500.png

Launched in 1993, Timmy is a Time Recorder brand inspired by NIDEKA. Based on the differentiated needs in China, Timmy develops time recorder products that are especially fit with the China market.


Founded by UBM, LUCKS strived to provide the most affordable with high-performance office equipment.


MIEKO focused on producing the accessory of office automation.

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