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UBM provides a series of biometric time attendance and access control solutions for your unique needs and usage.

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Time Attendance

Simple Way to Manage Staff

Access Control

Intelligent Security Solution

Patrol System

Safeguarding Your Assets

Office Automation

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Why Choose UBM?



To us, serving you is more than just providing the equipment. It's about treating you as a family, helping you as an assistant, and solving your problem like a pro.


Over the past 40+ years, we had built a relationship with more than 28,000 customers all over the world.


To ensure product quality, we set up our own factory to eliminate errors at every stage of the product development process - product design, manufacturing, and quality control.


We understand every organization has its special needs. UBM provides flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your needs.



Your Solutions Provider


Achieve management centralization and real-time employee attendance monitoring on a single platform.

Time Attendance


Every organization needs access control. It is crucial to ensure only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the premise.

Access Control


Provides a better way to check and record the time when a security guard executed the guard tour by scanning a specific checkpoint.

Guard Tour

Keep Improve, Keep Professional

Start from 1976, UBM provides office automation like Micro Computer Time Recorder and Time Stamp. From time to time, we keep improve and develop our technology and knowledge.

In 2021, our product ranges from traditional and high-tech products. The usage is no longer to be limited to business only. It is also applicable to personal usage.

Let's Build Something Together

We strive to provide solutions tailored to your organization. Please contact us to build a perfect solution together.

  • How to protect my Bio-metric Data?
    Every Bio-metric template such as fingerprint, facial image will convert into encrypted data to secure personal infomation.
  • How does the Time Attendance system help?
    Time Attendance System will automatically record employees' attendance record, analyzes record base on the assigned shift, and generate an Excel report. Managers can generate custom attendance reports through the software.
  • How does the Access Control System helps?
    By applying Access Control System, the device will automatically recognize each user. It identifies users by verifying login credentials such as RFID Card, Biometrics (Face / Fingerprint / Palm), or password. It establishes a higher security level for every organization.

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